Maciej Kacprzak

Advocate | Owner of the law office
Maciej Kacprzak - an advocate. Maciej is a graduate of the Law Faculty at the Adam Mickiewicz’s University in Poznan, and a member of the Poznań Bar Association. Since completing his legal training in 1998, he has been running his own law business in Poznań. As a criminal lawyer, he works as a defence counsel in criminal proceedings and before the prosecution, as well as represents aggrieved parties in criminal cases. He is also an experienced civil litigator. He has led hundreds of court cases in the areas of civil law and family law, including divorce and property division cases. He also has a long-term experience in providing legal services to small and medium-sized enterprises, in pursuing compensation and damages from perpetrators of accidents and insurers, as well as in inheritance and family matters. He is a fluent speaker of Spanish, Russian, French and English, and understands German, which helps him to lead cases on behalf of foreign clients or with foreign threads.

Iryna Myzyna

Attorney at Law Rep. of Ukraine
Iryna Myzyna, Attorney at Law of Ukraine, graduate of the Law Faculty at the Kharkiv University of Economics and Law in Ukraine. For several years she practiced as an attorney in Dnipro, Ukraine, but since 2016 she has been living in Poland, becoming a Polish lawyer, after she nostrified her university diploma at Adam Mickiewicz’s University in Poznań. Member of the Regional Bar Association in Poznan, registered on the local bar list as a foreign lawyer. Specialist in Ukrainian law as well as key elements of Russian and Belarusian law. During her career in Poland, she has mostly specialized in cases involving clients from Ukraine and other countries where Russian is one of the main languages. This includes criminal cases (both defence of suspects/accused and representation of victims), family cases (alimony, divorce, child custody) compensation cases (claiming damages, compensation, pensions for traffic accidents and other random events), legal services for companies from the East (including debt collection, issuing opinions on contracts, representation in bankruptcy proceedings).

Ukrainian and Russian are her mother tongues, which helps her communicate with clients from Ukraine, Russia and Belarus, allowing to recognize their expectations, and properly explain the rules of law and justice in Poland. In addition, she is fluent in Polish and English.

Semir Al-Lami

German advocate
Semir Al-Lami, German advocate, a cooperate of our Law Firm in Berlin, Germany.

Angelika Zarzycka

Attorney trainee
Angelika Zarzycka, attorney trainee, graduate of the Faculty of Law and Administration of the Adam Mickiewicz University in Poznan. She devoted her master's thesis to the subject of copyright law. She graduated from the School of Intellectual Property Rights within the IP of the H. Grotius Centre in Warsaw.
She gained professional experience already during her studies, working in law firms in Poznan and in the criminal division of the court. She has conducted cases in the field of civil law with particular emphasis on bankruptcy and restructuring proceedings.
She is fluent in English and has a basic command of Russian.

Patrycja Bączyk

Attorney trainee
Patrycja Bączyk, trainee attorney-at-law, graduated from the Faculty of Law and Administration at Adam Mickiewicz University in Poznań. She devoted her master's thesis to the issue of succession management of a single person's enterprise. She gained professional experience already during her studies, working in law firms in Poznań. Her professional interests focus mainly on criminal law, as well as civil and family law.

She is fluent in English

Magdalena Zimna

Secretary of the law firm
Magdalena Zimna, secretary. In the law firm, she is responsible for office and technical facilities and forms a bridge between the client seeking legal assistance and the lawyer. She is well acquainted with the organisational side of cases and knows best where to find the files, often multi-volume, of a given case, where to find individual documents and which lawyer is directly handling the client's case.

She is fluent in English.